I’m writing to submit my fantasy novel, A Magic Evermore, for your consideration. By researching other titles you have available for review, I feel my independently published novel will fit in well with your collection!

A Magic Evermore: Book One in the Mirri Langley Series

Young Adult Fantasy

Independently Published

Release date: 1/15/2023

The magical world of Althord Loch is crumbling . . . at the hands of evil. Fifteen-year-old Mirri is struggling with the guilt of her father’s death, until she lands in front of a twisting staircase, in a land of forbidden magic. Mirri is rescued by Smidge, a naive, friendly elf who still remembers what life was like before the Panthera dominated the land. When he learns the details of Mirri’s displacement from her home, and the antique journal that brought her her to his staircase, he knows. Mirri is the one. The only one that can save Althord Loch.

Using Mirri’s antique journal as a guide, they take on a journey neither are prepared for. In dodging a storm of raining fire they meet Jinx, a Loofa, and the last of her kind. She is only too eager to assist, and joins them on the journey. The magical staff of Althord’s previous leader is found, and with it, their path is clear—they must find Avi, the true leader, and wake him. Together, these misfits must change the course of this world—or die trying.

Walking over rushing waters and battling Fangars are only parts of the danger that lies ahead. This is also the section of the letter in that you will include your conclusion to the story, but for the purpose of this sample have decided to take out the ending to mine! No spoilers!

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Michelle Massie


Sample Pitch Letter